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Show Termites the Way Out of Your Home

Every house is susceptible to termites. We have treatment options available.  From full liquid treatments, providing a protective shield around your home, to installing Advance Termite Bait System, we have the treatment option that’s right for you.  Schedule your FREE inspection today and let us show you how we can stop termites in their tracks.  

Full Liquid Treatment

Precise applications of a non-repellent termiticide provide custom designed protection for your home. The products we use are effective in eliminating termites from the source, and have been tested and approved for other uses such as flea control for animals.

The termiticide is dispersed around your home through small holes drill in concrete and by trenching the exterior.  Termites cannot detect this treatment and will penetrate it, carrying a lethal dose back to the colony.  The termiticide coninues to work for years by leaving an invisible moat around your home.

Advanced Termite Bait System

This is the industry’s most advanced termite bait system. With a less invasive and more efficient way to eliminate termite colonies.

Stations are placed on the exterior of the home, where termites originate. Ongoing monitoring and baiting are performed on a quarterly basis to ensure the termites are eliminated.  The Advance Termite Bait System can be added to any pest control service, through our Vantage Home Protection Program, to ensure all aspects of your home are covered.

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