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Committed to Quality

Through our extensive research and development, we have designed our programs to meet every individual need and budget.  We created the Vantage Home Protection Programs to offer homeowners a choice. From simply keeping keeping minor pests under control, and protecting your largest investment from the threat of termites, to keeping your family safe from mosquitoes, we have the plan that is right for you.

Committed to Service

 Rid-All Pest Control has been committed to our customers since 1967.  We educate our customers about their choices for the best service possible. Customized treatment programs can be developed for each customer, so you get the protection you need with the minimum amount of material applied.

At Rid-All Pest Control we :

  • Investigate the problem
  • Identify the pest and understand their habits
  • Consider all possible control options
  • Create a strategy to manage the problem

Peace of Mind

Whether your situation is severe or minor, you can have the confidence of knowing that our dedicated staff, and highly trained technicians can design a program that fits your needs.  From a one time treatment to an ongoing program, we have the program that is right for you.  

We apply our expertise in the field to solve the underlying cause of a particular pest problem providing lasting control and peace of mind.